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Aligned™ has always been on the cutting edge of technology

Services Offered

1. Project Integration Tools

Our custom tools are developed specifically for fast-paced engineering environments with short, time to market requirements. We can install our tools behind your firewall, or you can use our cloud services. Our project management services are different in that we can provide real-time updates using our social planning techniques.

2. Verification and Design

We have the highest quality engineers with Mentor Graphics licenses ready to work on your IC, ASIC or FPGA designs using OVM/UVM, Verilog, VHDL, C++, synthesis, and static timing to verify your tapeout is successful the first time. We can design, verify, simulate and debug your designs, working from your specifications. 

3. Compliance

We have extensive experience and applications developed for standards such as DO-254 and ISO26262 that integrate with the ALIGNED™ Project Management service.

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Product History

Science Related

Instrumentation for detection of Top Quark

SHA Intellectual Property Development

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Locomotive Control

Level A Flight Control

ATM Communications

Central Office Equipment 

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Integrated Circuits

Xilinx Virtex Series

Xilinx Ultrascale Series

Tabula FPGA

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